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Doxie Go First Impressions

I got my Doxie Go in the mail this morning. I bought it last week from Amazon UK as soon as they went back on sale – the Doxie Go was apparently sold out worldwide for a few weeks. The model I bought isn’t the new Doxie Go + WiFi bundle, which is a clever way of selling a WiFi-enabled Doxie Go with the addition of an Eye-Fi wireless SD card. I plan on buying an Eye-Fi soon.

The device itself is tiny and elegant. It’s made of plastic, but it feels pretty solid and sturdy in hand. The Doxie Go is almost the same width of my MacBook Air keyboard – I don’t know yet if I’ll be able to fit this in my Tom Bihn Ristretto bag, but at least it comes with its own carrying bag that’s big enough to put an USB cable inside as well.

Setting up the Doxie is a relatively straightforward process: you have to charge the device the first time completely, wait for its batteries to reach 100%, and download...

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A Writing Experiment (Hello World)

Ever since I started MacStories in 2009 – it’s going to be the third anniversary soon, in April – I’ve always wanted to have another place to share ideas, brief comments on things that happen online, links, and elaborate on topics that don’t fit MacStories’ editorial line. I have thought about having a “personal blog”. With time, however, I came to the realization that MacStories is personal, after all, in a way that allows me and my team to write about Apple-related news as well as have opinion pieces, software reviews, tutorials, and really just about anything about iPhones and iPads and Macs and everything else in between tech and the Apple community. To the readers that have been following us until today: Thank you.

To those of you who, for some reason, happen to be interested in the things I write about, you’ll still be able to find me 24/7 on MacStories. In fact, I’m more...

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